Running in the winter can be challenging as you have to stay warm, visible and dry. While your head is the place where you lose the maximum heat, your torso is where all the vital functions of your body happen and so it is one of the most vital parts of your body to get it right while dressing before a run in the winter.


It is very simple to keep in mind how to keep your torso warm: it is all about layering up.

On the top you would like to have some type of windbreaker, regardless it’s a full zip or some type of half zip that only goes down to your chest. The best thing about the half zip ones and the full zip ones is that you can regulate heat properly.

On the colder days, when you are out running and haven’t warmed up yet, you can zip all the way up to protect your neck, not so much for this jacket, but you may also get it over your face, or sometimes your nose while running and once you warm up, you can let some of the heat out by simply unzipping it.

On a warmer day that is still a bit cool, you might consider a running shirt rather than a jacket, which will protect your torso while keeping your arms from sweating. Underneath of that you have to wear at least one shirt.

Another option that you may consider is sublimated singlets, which is ideal for the cool days, where you may feel a bit chilly initially in a run with just a shirt but you know that once you warm up, you will be too warm for long sleeves. Are sleeves are also great for protecting you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.